Juklafjord is an "activity and knowledge house" that lies in the middle of village Jondal . Jukla is a local word for ice, fjord is fjord, and the vision with Juklafjord is to collect knowledge and activities from fjord to glacier under the same roof!  At Juklafjord you will find tourist information for Jondal Municipality, cafe Juklafjord, hire of kayaks and bikes, exhibition about "Folgefonna and the Fjord villages", gateway to Folgefonna National Park,  and guide shop/main office for Folgefonni Breførarlag/Folgefonni Glacier Team.

History of the house
The house is built in Swiss style with Sollesnes slate on the roof and has a long history of activities and dissemination of knowledge, the house was built in 1895 and was the school for Jondal children until 1961. Since then it has been kinder garden and youth-club in the house. Jondal Red Cross and “Jondal Husmorlag” also used the house for their activities. In 2009 Folgefonni Breførarlag brought the house and moved it about 100 meters to a new property by the riverside near the fjord in the center of the village called Jondal. The house had to move because Coop Supermarket expanded their premises. After moving the house, it was restored and now serves as base for Folgefonni Breførarlag their activities.

Tourist Information
Here you get all the information you need to experience Jondal and Hardanger at its best. Instead of being greeted by a wall of brochures, the staff will help you planning your stay and find what you need of information.


Cafe Juklafjord (Hardanger menu)

Here you'll find locally produced food and coffee with high quality. Cakes and biscuits are home made, and coffee is supplied fresh weekly from Bergen. If the weather is nice there is a nice patio facing the bay you can enjoy yourself on the coffee cup. The interior of the café in the old style that creates an ambiance that you will not soon forget.

Juklafjord has status as gateway to Folgefonna National Park. That means you will find information, knowledge and inspiration to experience Folgefonna National Park. The exhibition is based “Folgefonna and the Fjord villages” published by Nord4. Topics are fjord landscape, glacier, climate and life in the fjord villages.

Customer reception for Folgefonni Breførarlag/Folgefonni Glacier Team
All activities for Folgefonni Breførarlag is organized from Juklafjord. Juklafjord is also start point for some of the activities. Here you can hire kayak, bike, boat, GPS, get tour tips and book glacier hikes on Folgefonna Glacier. We aim us to have princely hand knowledge of everything happening of activities in the Folgefonna National park.

How to find Juklafjord
Juklafjord is situated in the village called Jondal in Hardanger. Adress is: Jonavegen 20, 5627 Jondal. The buiding is situated about 50 meter north of the ferry dock in Jondal, on the sea side og road 550. On other side of road you find Coop supermarked. It's 19 km (30 minutes drive) from Juklafjord to Fonna Glacier Ski Resort and Folgefonna Nationalpark.